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The List + The Survey + Industry Data and research equals a wealth of information, trends and actionable insights on Texas hospital social media and digital marketing activities.  The data and insights provided here can be sorted by hospital size, type, location, specialization, target service lines and much more.

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  • Benchmark your activities against others
  • Identify and support social media opportunities
  • Identify and support digital (website, content, etc.) opportunities
  • Identify digital advertising opportunities
  • Take advantage of custom actionable recommendations
  • Track progress through ongoing benchmarking and reporting.  Learn more

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We offer multiple ways to use our data and services. Everything from free basic access and general recommendations with participation in our survey all the way to custom research and consultative support.  Learn more about how you can  unlock the power of this data for your hospital.


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Social Media Sample Insights:


Question: Which Social Media and Digital Platforms Does Your Hospital Currently Use?

*Hospital Survey Question + Data Insight

Does Your Hospital Respond to Online Comments?

*Hospital Survey Question

Facebook Post Frequency - Reported vs. Actual

*Hospital Survey Question + Data Insight
THA Digital Marketing found that Texas hospitals are not as active on Facebook as they perceive themslves to be.

Does Your Hospital Restrict Access to Social and Video Sites on Internal Networks?

*Hospital Survey Question
Social Media Sites
Streaming Video Sites

Budget, Staffing and Hospital Focus Sample Insights:


Overall Texas Hospital Marketing and Communications Budget Questions:

*Hospital Survey Question

Our budget increased in 2016 over 2015:

We are expecting a larger budget in 2017:

Percentage of Texas Hospitals who responded true.


Texas Hospital Overall Marketing and Communications Department Budget Size

*Hospital Survey Question
Percentage of hospitals with corresponding budget range

Digital Expendeture as Percentage of Overall Marketing Budget

*Hospital Survey Question

Hospital Marketer Perception Sample Insights:


Perception Based Questions:

*Hospital Survey Question

On a scale of 1 to 5 how effective is your website?

On a scale of 1 to 5 how effective is Facebook for your organization?

On a scale of 1 to 5 how effective is Twitter for your organization?

On a scale of 1 to 5 how effective is digital advertising for your organization?

Digital Advertising Sample Insights:


Digital Ad Placement

*Data Insight

Texas hospitals that reported running digital ads this budget cycle


Of the Hospitals That Reported Running Digital Ads This Budget Cycle, What Digital Advertising Tools Did They Try?

*Hospital Survey Question + Data Insight

Top Service Lines That Hospitals Plan to Market in the Coming Months or Budget Cycle.

*Hospital Survey Question + Data Insight

Heart/Cardio Related Google/Adword Searches That Are Not Matched With a Relevant Ad

*Data Insight
Through industry partnerships and research, THA Digital Marketing has identified opportunities for hospitals to connect with potential patients. THA Digital Marketing can help your hospital identify service line opportunties in your geographic area.

Technology Related Sample Insights:


Website and Mobile Website Usage:

*Data Insight

Hospitals with a website

Hospitals with a mobile friendly website

We were surprised to find that 24% of Texas hospitals do not have a moble firendly website. Many of the websites that are mobile friendly, still need work to make it easier for visitors to accomplish basic taskes from a mobile devise.


What Technology Are You Currently Using

*Hospital Survey Question

Top 5 areas hospitals are interested in knowing more about / or planning to focus on...

*Hospital Survey Question
Percentage of surveyed hospitals that are interested


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