Where does the data come from?

The hospital list, survey findings and our service offerings are powered by information aggregated from multiple sources.  These include:

  • Medicare provider data – U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Medicare.gov)
  • Multiple industry partnerships
  • Research – we manually reviewed thousands of hospital websites, social media and other digital properties.
  • Hospital surveys – our initial survey included representatives from 150+ Texas hospitals. Each interview included 75+ questions.
  • Includes representation from various types of hospitals: Acute Care, Children’s, CAH, Rural, Urban, Large metro areas, sole community providers, hospital districts, systems, for-profit, not-for-profit


Sample Sources:


We Reviewed 2,492 Social Media and Digital Properties Belonging to 345 Texas Hospitals (as of 1/15/2017)

*Data Insight
Our analysis included considerable manual human review along with the use of automated tools.

We surveyed healthcare leadership who represent over 150 Texas hospitals

*Hospital Survey Question

Hospitals were asked to self-identify as urban or rural.

Surveys were conducted by phone and included 75+ questions each.